The launch of the new website

Ya girl’s got her own website now!

This is a place where all my professional content and products will live going forward. My for sale e-books, my future projects, my custom commissions in the near future, as well as a personal blog of the ups and downs of the ‘spicy story’ industry.

I’ve been writing professionally for several years now, doing copy editing, article work, and a variety of jobs that paid next to nothing and offered nothing in the way of forward momentum. All the while, my passion was writing horny little drabbles for what felt like a very small audience of friends and online mutuals. But as that audience grew, and I got more confident in my skills, I knew this was what I wanted to do for a living.

I launched my first erotica gig on Fiverr in August of 2022, and almost immediately got a couple of customers. I could actually say I was a paid erotica author!

Within a year, I was making enough to pay rent. With the economy being what it was, I made the (very) bold step to leave my day job and focus on writing erotica full time. I’ve been doing so successfully ever since, with over three hundred clients served and counting!

The Future of NSFW Content

It seems like every week or so we find out another online platform is banning NSFW art, writing, and content, and culling their sites of it and its creators. This is ostensibly so they can double dip into more advertising on their platforms to make money off their primary money maker: your time, your attention, and if you’re a creator; a heftier and heftier percentage of your sales.

DeviantArt, Patreon, Gumroad, Ko-Fi, and so many other hosting platforms are making this change and pushing thousands of creators of NSFW content out, threatening their livelihood. Their messaging is clear: “Your money isn’t worth as much as the potential money from predatory, data-harvesting advertiser companies that sell junk you don’t need”.

So I’ve been hard at work putting together a platform all my own. A place where I can set the terms and offer what I make directly to you, my beloved pretties, without fear of being banned or shut down simply because a CEO wants to see ‘exponential growth’, all while pushing away creators in favor of more and more empty, hollow advertising that preys upon your fears and insecurities.

I am not in the business of selling you something hollow, or telling you that you’re not enough. That’s not what Miss Indulgence is all about.

I think you’re splendid just the way you are.

And I think you deserve to treat yourself with something sweet.

Something kinky that pushes all the right buttons.

And that’s something I’m happy to work hard to provide.

It’s good to be home~

Be sure to sign up for my newsletter to be kept in the loop of what I’m up to and when I’m launching more products. I’ve got a small collection of e-books available, and will be adding many, many more in the weeks to come. I’ve been very hard at work crafting stories that I know you’re going to love.

You’ll be hearing from me, my pretties~


-Miss Indulgence, March 2024

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