Rise of the Twi’lek Blimp – a free PDF for May the 4th, 2024

Happy Star Wars Day 2024, my pretties!

It should come as no surprise that I’m a gal who loves herself some space wars. I love the new stuff, I love the old stuff, I love that it’s a series of stories with western vibes told through the lens of late 70’s disco aesthetic set among the stars.

But admittedly…I like that it has a lot of green alien women. That is my jam.

I recently worked with a client (abettername21) to tell an inflation kink story about his Old Republic OC ‘Gela’. They were kind enough to give me permission to show it off as a free offering for this year’s Star Wars Day.

I hope you enjoy it! Fair warning, it contains the following subject matter:

  • Lesbian sex
  • Bondage
  • Temperature play
  • Body inflation
  • Mild intox (spice)
  • Room-filling inflation