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Miss Indulgence is a self-published author, specializing in kink-based erotica stories. She began her journey by working solely on writing commissions, but soon branched out into the world of e-books. In previous lives, she worked in fantasy writing and graphic design. She lives in Canada with her wife and two cats.

  • I’m an Aquarius, born January 22nd.
  • My favorite meals are home cooked, but the goblin part of me constantly craves Taco Bell.
  • Tabletop roleplaying games have been a part of my life since adolescence, and I’ll drop everything at the chance to roll dice with likeminded dorks.
  • On rainy days I love going out walking with an umbrella, usually to get coffee.

“I’ve been an author and writer my entire life, creating stories of thrilling romances, steamy trysts, and forbidden loves. Nothing quite excites me like getting to know a client’s tastes and preferences, finding the perfect scenario or turn of phrase that makes them melt with desire. That’s what I’m most passionate about, and I’ve helped hundreds of clients indulge themselves, keeping them coming back for more.”

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About my blog

Being an erotica author is a unique experience. Of all the different genres of fiction, it provides the most interesting challenges and stories to tackle. My day to day isn’t like most other writers out there, and I’d like to give you a glimpse behind the curtain. This blog collects my thoughts on my writer’s journey, my every day experiences, my struggles and celebrations, as well as important milestones, updates, and news. Wanna get down and dirty about erotica? Come take a peek~