Donut Vibes – An Erotic Story Of Being Fondled, Funnel-Fed, And Fattened


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“My name’s Violet, and I really want you to eat all these donuts~”

There are over fifty thousand donut shops in the United States, serving freshly glazed, golden fried dough rings to hungry people every day. Nilbog Donuts on the side of the interstate is just one of them…but it holds a unique secret. Its night shift worker Violet has a special power. The psychic power to urge, sway, and compel others into doing what she wants. She likes using this power on tourists and travelers from other states, making them obey her every whim. James, a young man on his way to visit relatives, is her next victim. And she wants to make him eat so many donuts.

Donut Vibes is an 8000+ word erotic story of magical seduction, mind control, and one man getting ridiculously fat.

It contains the following kinks:

  • Hypnosis
  • Mind Control
  • Male Weight Gain
  • Stuffing
  • Force Feeding
  • Funnel Feeding
  • Immobility





Donut Vibes - An ...
Published: February 5th, 2024
Author: Miss Indulgence

Chapter 1


“Welp, another dull day half over…” Violet sighed, staring out the big bay windows of the local donut shop she worked at on weekends.


Nilbog Donuts was supposedly a franchise, but having lived all across the tri-state area as well as down south, Violet had never seen another one. Originally established in the late 70’s, it was a red brick building with a wall of sloping sunroom style windows. The interior was that dingy looking mix of wood paneling and beige plastic that was all too common in fast food places from the early 80’s. After nearly fifty years, the only thing that had been updated about Nilbog Donuts was the debit machines and the deep fryers.


Violet was thankful for the latter update. When she worked a shift at Nilbog’s, she made all their donuts from scratch, and in absurdly large quantities. Thankfully, the Fryolater 3050 was up to the task; popping out up to three dozen golden fried yeasty rings every sixty seconds. All she had to do was perfect her batter, toppings, and fillings.


But today she didn’t have much cause to test her different special recipes. It was practically dead this afternoon; just a few morning rush coffee customers, then a handful of old folks wanting crullers while they spent the afternoon trying not to die. It was boring!


Violet liked it best when she had at least one or two cute customers she could tempt into eating her donuts. Or if they couldn’t be tempted, then ‘hypnotized’ into stuffing their faces.


That was the reason Violet happily worked a rotating handful of fast food, bakery, and other quick service jobs, despite none of them paying particularly well or offering anything in the way of benefits: they were her playground; a place where she could test the limits of her ‘powers’ on tourists and passers-through.


Ever since puberty, Violet had the preternatural ability to urge, sway, and condition people into doing what she wanted, thinking how she wanted them to think. She couldn’t explain how she did it, she just could. Her powers only grew stronger as she became more of a woman, and especially when she focussed them on making others eat.


More than anything else, Violet loved making people eat. She loved forcing others to fatten themselves up for her amusement, and amuse Violet it did.


She hopped up onto the counter, letting her legs swing from it. The donut shop was completely empty. Just her. She’d come to work wearing distressed jeans, though all jeans were eventually ‘distressed’ around her ass and thighs, and a black tank top underneath her brown and beige Nilbog Donuts work polo. Her dyed purple hair was pulled back into two pigtails, her pale complexion adorned with what her manager referred to as an ‘inappropriate amount of eyeshadow and lipstick’. She liked gothic looks, so what? Deep black and purple eyeshadow with black lipstick on her plump, glossy lips.


Violet stood around 5’6”, but weighed almost 220 lbs. Most of her curves were in her hips, ass, and chest. She’d have a complete hourglass figure, if it weren’t for the soft pot-belly that kept riding up her work shirt. Violet tried not to mind. After all, she had a bad habit of making her partners way fatter. So what if she indulged herself a little on the donuts she made.


That’s when the door to the donut shop opened. The little bell above it tinkled, announcing a customer.


As he walked up to the counter, Violet smiled.


Oooohh, finally, a cutie appears, she thought, looking him over. Just my type, too.


A young man approached the counter. He hesitated as he got close enough to make out the chilled display case filled to the brim with a variety of donuts, likely trying to make up his mind.


He was a little taller than Violet was, but much wider. He had to have been nearly three hundred pounds, most of it in his big, soft belly. He had shaggy brown hair and brown eyes.. No ring on his finger, and a pair of too-tight sweatpants that told her he couldn’t have been older than 25. Best of all, he had a soft, cute, boyish face, and a nervous, unassuming smile.


Exactly the kind of man she could have a lot of fun with on a slow day.


“Afternoon!” she nodded to the man, hopping behind the counter once more, “Welcome to Nilbog Donuts. Best donuts in the whole county” she said with a sultry lilt to her voice. She watched as the man’s eyes immediately went to her hefty bosom, jiggling from the little hop she’d done over the counter. His ears went pink as he looked back up to her.


Oh this is going to be fun~ Violet thought.