Tantalizing Tales Of Tasty Terror – A Haunted House Anthology Of Expansion Kink Themed Scary Stories


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Nine rooms in the haunted manor, nine tales of tongue waggling, belly swelling, over-indulgent terror!
Dear reader, I urge you not to read this account on a full stomach. It is a macabre tale of hauntings, supernatural goings on, and grisly deaths of all kinds. Now that you have been suitably warned, let me tell you about one of the most haunted locations on the East Coast of America; Glütgloben Manor.

Nine individuals, four men and five women, have been randomly selected to participate in a challenge on Halloween night: Stay the night in America’s least well known haunted house. Come morning, if any of them survive, they’re promised to win a fabulous prize.

But every room in Glütgloben Manor holds a terrible secret from the house’s sordid past, and an unquiet spirit or malicious entity just waiting for fresh souls to pervert and corrupt.


Tantalizing Tales Of Tasty Terror is a nine part anthology of steamy and scary stories that contains the following kinks:

  • Stuffing
  • Force Feeding
  • Weight Gain
  • Inflation
  • Body Transformation
  • Blueberry Inflation
  • Popping
  • Breast Expansion
  • Bondage
  • Hypnosis/Mind Alteration





Tantalizing Tales...
Published: February 13th, 2024
Author: Miss Indulgence

Excerpt from "Vampire":

Autumn set her overnight bag down, locked the door behind her, and surveyed the room for all the tiny details she’d heard about in her true crime podcasts.

So far, they were all here. Behind the curtains, the windows were indeed all bricked up. Autumn took a moment to light a few of the ornate candelabras in the room, bathing it in soft, flickering light. Above the bed, the ceiling was fitted with an enormous full-length mirror. Autumn stepped into the adjoining bathroom to hunt for other spooky details, but sadly the bathtub was not filled with blood, nor was there a ‘bathroom reader edition’ of the Necronomicon beside the commode.

Autumn returned to the bedroom and flopped onto the bed. “Oooh, soft” she sighed, settling in for the night. With the door shut, the only light present was from all the candles. She gazed up at herself in the mirror above the bed. It was perhaps the first time in a long while that she’d gotten a full look at herself.

A little gray at the roots, she let her long black hair down completely, falling around her neck and shoulders. She slipped out of her mom jeans and shapeless button up, stripping down to her high waisted panties and lace trimmed camisole, letting her clothes pile on the floor.

Autumn wasn’t quite the woman she remembered herself to be: while she still thought her face was beautiful, she was nearly three hundred pounds of soft, pale blubber. Her thighs were chunky, her belly was flabby and lined with pink stretch marks, and her breasts (while large) had an unmistakable sag to them. Age and late night snack cakes had caught up with her.

“So you’re not a Hollywood starlet,” she sighed at her reflection, “You’re here, and that’s something” she told her reflection.

“I think you’re a dish,” came a sudden voice beside her.

Autumn froze. Her breath caught in her chest, her body went rigid. Staring up at the mirror above her, she saw the sheets beside her shift. The pillow next to her moved on its own! She watched as a few strands of her hair were lifted by an invisible force, brushed from her face. She could feel a cool touch against her skin.

Slowly…carefully…she turned her head to the side.

And came face to face with another woman!

“Don’t scream, darling. Why spoil the moment” the woman said softly to her. Her breath was like cinnamon hearts against Autumn’s face.

Autumn took her in; pale to the point of being bone white, almost blue at her extremities. Gorgeous curly locks of red hair fell around her perfect face. She was svelte and trim, much more petite compared to Autumn’s plumpness, dressed in a frilly black nightgown and peignoir. Autumn could tell it was wildly out of fashion, likely from the 60’s. The woman stared back at her with crimson irises.

Autumn swallowed. She quickly looked back up to the mirror. There was only her own reflection! She turned back to the woman in bed with her.

“Are you a…” Autumn said, her mouth was suddenly so dry.

“A celebrity? Yes, precious, I am. So good to be recognized” the woman said drolely. Autumn couldn’t help but giggle nervously at the absurdity of it.

“A vampire” Autumn corrected her.

“Oh…why yes. Clever and beautiful. You really are a catch, darling” the woman grinned. Her fangs were quite obvious now. Sharp, pointed incisors peeked out from her soft, full lips. Autumn couldn’t help but blush at her compliment. It was only then that Autumn started to put together all the details.

The 60’s fashions, the anachronistic speech, the curly red hair. This was her bedroom.

“Are…are you Lenore L’oiseaux?” she asked, smiling nervously.

The vampire grinned ear to ear. “You do recognize me! What’s your name, darling? I’m starting to think you’re the perfect catch. What’s your sign?”

“I’m…I’m Autumn…” she replied. Suddenly she felt a little self conscious. In bed with a stranger in nothing but her bed clothes, “Um, I’m an Aquarius”

“Oooh, groovy baby, just groovy. Aquarians are absolutely delicious. I’m a Leo, naturally. It seems like we were meant to be. Care for some wine, Autumn? You strike me as a white wine kind of girl. I have a lovely Roussanne I’ve been saving just for you” Lenore said. She sat up, pulling out a silver serving tray seemingly from under the bed; a chilled bottle of wine and two glasses at the ready. As Lenore poured it, Autumn felt her mouth water. Her throat parched.

She nervously took the glass of wine. Lenore watched her expectantly until Autumn took a sip. Thankfully, it tasted fine. More than fine, it was delicious! In moments, she’d drained the glass. Lenore helpfully topped her back up. Autumn couldn’t seem to help herself, draining the glass again. It was crisp and light, full of harvest flavors. Before she knew it, she’d drunk more than half the bottle. The liquor soothed her nerves.

“Phew…Lenore L’oiseaux” Autumn repeated, “Sorry, it’s just…I’m kind of a fan? That’s weird to say. You’re a famous femme fatale from the 60’s and 70’s. Is it true you’ve killed over eighteen suitors?”

“A lady never keeps track, darling. Life is best lived in the moment. Death, doubly so. Care for some fondue? You look like a girl who appreciates cheese” Lenore grinned, giving Autumn’s soft belly a squeeze. She fondled her love handles.

Autumn let out the most pitiful, horny gasp. She clapped a hand around her mouth. She’d never been touched so sensually before, and certainly not her belly. It felt good! Lenore just kept grinning. Before she could fully put together what had just happened, the irresistible smell of rich, buttery, melted fontina enticed her senses. As if by magic, Lenore had produced a whole fondue pot upon another platter, surrounded by tasty morsels of french bread, sausage, and what looked like even more cheese.

Autumn tried to sit up, but Lenore was suddenly atop her. Her legs straddled across Autumn’s thick thighs. With but a single finger, she gently pushed Autumn back onto the bed laying down, propped up by the pillows.

“Relax…lay back…enjoy some cheese with your wine, darling. A face that pretty deserves to be stuffed~” Lenore purred. Her blood red eyes flashing.